Dangers of Mosquito Coils for Health

Mosquito repellent in the form of spray, burn, and electricity is commonly used to repel mosquitoes. But is its use safe for health? Are the ingredients contained in mosquito repellent dangerous? Check out the following explanation. Naturally, mosquitoes approach humans because they are attracted to the humidity and warmth of the human body, as well as breathing carbon dioxide. The buzzing sound of mosquitoes alone is annoying, especially if the skin is bitten by this insect. Besides making itching, mosquito bites can cause disease. Actually, mosquitoes do not bite, but suck human blood. It is when sucking blood that viruses and parasites present in mosquitoes enter the human body and cause disease. Dengue fever, malaria, viruses, and elephantiasis are some of the diseases that can be caused by mosquito sucking. Mosquito spray, burn, and electric are widely used because they are practical and effective. Although it can repel mosquitoes, mosquito repellent also has side effects for
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